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Di dời máy móc

​Machinery relocation

Construction projects, factories, workshops, and manufacturing facilities often possess a variety of machinery and equipment to facilitate the production process. However, when there is a need to relocate or change the position of these assets, using crane lifting and moving services for heavy machinery and equipment becomes essential. This is because this service not only has the capability to lift heavy loads but also ensures precision and safety upon completion. In addition to the transportation and lifting services for machinery available in the market from various providers, H-Cargo Logistics is also a reputable destination providing diverse transportation methods, catering to the needs of individuals and businesses.

The machinery relocation service includes the following aspects:

  • Comprehensive import cargo services: Involves processes such as customs clearance, transporting machinery to the facility, dismantling items, placing them in position using forklifts and cranes.

  • Comprehensive export cargo services: Encompasses tasks such as removing machinery from the facility, packaging in wooden crates, vacuum sealing, containerization, lashing, and executing domestic and international transfers.

  • Lifting machinery and equipment from containers, using cranes to lift machinery onto buildings, into basements, or to other locations.

  • Relocating machinery and equipment from one location to another, including moving from an old workshop to a new one.

  • Using cranes to lift machinery to elevated positions, to buildings or rooftops.

  • Lowering machinery into basements, slopes, and placing them according to drawings and specific requirements.

  • Using cranes to lift and relocate large, oversized, overweight, super-long, and super-heavy machinery into designated installation positions as required.

  • Workshop relocation.

  • Positioning and aligning equipment according to the design and workshop drawings.

  • Adjusting machinery to ensure accurate operation, without eccentricity or misalignment, based on workshop design and specifications.

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