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​Sea freight

Sea freight transportation is one of the most effective, safe, and cost-efficient solutions for businesses specializing in exporting goods. H-Cargo Logistics continuously strives to meet the satisfaction of our valued customers by providing the best maritime transportation solutions to meet their needs.

Our H-Cargo Logistics collaborates with major and reputable shipping lines worldwide, such as MSK, YML, ZIM, CMA-CGM, OOCL, etc. Ensuring that your goods will be transported to any destination globally.

With these reputable partners, we ensure that we can transport any type of cargo by sea, from frozen goods, agricultural products, textile items to oversized and project cargo.

When you choose our services, you only need to provide us with some information about the shipment, such as the loading port, unloading port, cargo name, container type, delivery date, etc. Based on this information and leveraging our experienced personnel, we guarantee you the best transportation rates. Additionally, our dedicated team will monitor and update the cargo transportation journey regularly for your convenience.

With a diverse range of sea freight transportation services and partnerships with various global shipping lines, we ensure that your cargo will arrive at its destination safely, reliably, and cost-effectively. We aim to minimize any additional costs during the transportation process.

We are committed to delivering the best experiences for our customers.

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