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Dịch vụ Door to Door

Door to Door Service

How Door to Door services are revolutionizing the customer experience

​What is
Door to Door service?

The concept of "Door to Door" is simply the transportation of goods directly from the sender to the recipient. The "Door to Door" service, also known as "ship Door to Door," encompasses not only the transportation of goods but also handles all necessary procedures such as customs clearance and customs duties to facilitate the export or import of goods across borders.

At the present time in Vietnam, there are two main types of "Door to Door" services being used:

  1. Domestic "Door to Door" service: This type of service ensures the transportation of goods from the sender to the recipient within the geographical scope of Vietnam.

  2. International "Door to Door" service: This is a form of goods transportation that extends from the sender to the recipient on a global scale, encompassing the necessary customs processing for both exports and imports.

In other words, "Door to Door" involves more than just transportation; it also encompasses guaranteeing the various steps related to the smooth and secure movement of goods for both the sender and the recipient.


​Our Door to Door service

H-Cargo Logistics, renowned as a reputable cargo transportation company, offers customers a diverse service network and connections to major gateways worldwide, making the shipment of goods easy and extensive. Harnessing the power of an expansive freight forwarding network, we commit to ensuring accuracy in cargo transportation timelines. Tailored for customers seeking to utilize the 'Door to Door' service, H-Cargo Logistics provides a comprehensive, flexible solution that guarantees end-to-end excellence.

Dịch vụ Door to Door thực hiện bởi H-Cargo Logistics

Door to Door service executed by H-Cargo

H-Cargo has successfully handled a big project to set up a textile factory in Vietnam. A total of 13 shipments with different volumes were shipped by sea (LCL and FCL) and air.

​Implementation organization process

SOP for Door to Door service

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