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Vận tải bằng tàu RO/RO

RO/RO service

I - What is RORO Shipping?

In the international transportation industry, RORO shipping, or Roll-on/Roll-off, is a common term used to describe the transport of cargo that has the ability to move onto and off of a vessel on its own (such as trucks, cars, self-propelled vehicles, etc.). These vehicles can drive onto the vessel and are then secured on the deck. They are then transported to the destination and driven off.

However, RORO is also used for transporting cargo without wheels or with oversized dimensions that cannot fit inside standard containers, including out-of-gauge or super heavy goods.

These types of cargo are typically secured using specialized methods to ensure they remain in place during transportation. In practice, RORO shipping is considered the most convenient method for transporting oversized cargo and machinery, and they are often loaded and unloaded from the vessel using specialized platform vehicles.

II - RO/RO service at H-Cargo Logistics

Introducing H-Cargo's efficient and reliable RO/RO (Roll-on/Roll-off) service, designed to facilitate the seamless transportation of various kinds of cargo from door to door. Our comprehensive solutions include the use of specialized equipment such as mafi trailers and forklifts, ensuring safe and secure handling throughout the entire process.

With our RO/RO service, cargo can be easily rolled onto and off of vessels, eliminating the need for time-consuming loading and unloading processes. H-Cargo's experienced team ensures proper lashing and securing of cargo on board, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Whether you need to transport vehicles, heavy machinery, or oversized cargo, our RO/RO service offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. We manage the entire logistics process, ensuring prompt pickup, efficient transportation, and timely delivery to your desired destination.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of H-Cargo's RO/RO service for your cargo needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let our dedicated team provide you with tailored solutions and exceptional customer service.

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