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Dịch vụ thủ tục hải quan

Customs clearance

At H-Cargo Logistics, the professional and experienced team will represent our customers to complete customs procedures quickly and efficiently. We provide professional customs clearance services, acting on behalf of businesses to perform procedures, electronic customs declaration services, applying HS code for goods, determining tax rates, and more. This also reflects our commitment to responsibility and the quality of customs clearance services.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Transactions related to goods in the business sector

  • Transactions related to investment goods

  • Transactions related to goods in the production and export processing process

  • Temporary import and subsequent export transactions

  • Transactions unrelated to trade

  • Transactions involving goods participating in fairs and exhibitions

Contact H-Cargo Logistics today for detailed and free consultation on related services, including:

  • Explanation of customs regulations and procedures.

  • Determination of applicable taxes for your goods.

  • Assistance in applying applicable tax benefits.

  • On-site customs declaration for personal shipments.

  • Providing additional information as requested by customers.

With many years of experience in the logistics and customs declaration industry, the H-Cargo Logistics team is committed to helping your business complete the goods clearance process easily and quickly.

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