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Vận tải đường hàng không

Air freight

Air freight services are becoming increasingly popular due to their quick and convenient transportation. Our H-Cargo Logistics meets all customer needs for air cargo transportation.

The main items transported include apparel, leather shoes, electronics, pharmaceuticals, aircraft equipment and parts, hazardous goods, special medical equipment and machinery, luxury cars, fresh produce, and live animals.

By collaborating with reputable and experienced airlines such as MH (Malaysia Airlines), TK (Turkish Airlines), VN (Vietnam Airlines), CX (Cathay Pacific Airways), SQ (Singapore Airlines),etc. We ensure that your goods will be transported safely and efficiently to any destination you desire.

Understanding customer preferences, we evaluate the size, weight, budget, and necessary delivery dates for any cargo. This allows us to provide you with the best air freight solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring that our customers use air cargo transportation services at the most competitive costs.

As experts in air cargo transportation and all related services, as well as partnerships with major airlines worldwide, we expect you to trust us for all your future import and export solutions.

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