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Project Cargo Handling

How project cargo handling are revolutionizing the customer experience

​What is
project cargo?

Project cargo typically includes machinery, equipment, construction materials, etc., intended for construction purposes, creating fixed assets, or supporting production processes. Project cargo can be homogeneous or heterogeneous, assembled or disassembled, and often possesses greater complexity compared to regular cargo. Moreover, project cargo often involves large quantities and strict delivery deadlines. Examples include relocating factories, oil and gas projects, hydroelectric projects, wind energy projects, and more.

Project cargo is generally heavy, bulky, and of high value. It can consist of a single shipment or multiple shipments at the same time or different times. Various transportation methods can be employed, and project cargo may be moved within the same country or across international borders.


​Our project cargo service

H-Cargo Logistics specializes in handling project cargo, offering tailored solutions for the transportation of heavy, complex, and high-value items. With expertise in machinery, equipment, and construction materials, our services encompass both domestic and international shipments. We manage intricate logistics, ensuring seamless movement from origin to destination, while meeting stringent delivery timelines. From wind energy projects to hydroelectric endeavors, our experienced team ensures reliable project cargo transportation with a commitment to efficiency and precision.

vận tải hàng dự án được thực hiện bởi H-Cargo Logistics

Project cargo handling executed by H-Cargo

H-Cargo has successfully handled a big project to set up a textile factory in Vietnam. A total of 13 shipments with different volumes were shipped by sea (LCL and FCL) and air.

​Implementation organization process

SOP for project cargo handling

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