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Chằng buộc & Đóng gói

Lashing & Packing

I. Lashing Services for Comprehensive Cargo Security

During the transportation of goods through various means such as trucks, sea vessels, etc., the goods are susceptible to breakage and damage. Therefore, the purpose of cargo lashing is to ensure the safety of goods throughout the transportation process, preventing damage and breakage, especially for oversized and overweight high-value items. Cargo lashing involves securing goods in a fixed position, such as on a ship, truck, wooden pallet, or container.

Our cargo lashing services adhere to international standards and include:

  • Lashing of oversized and overweight cargo (oversized and overweight items).

  • Securing goods in 20' and 40' containers, including closed containers for items like steel coils and machinery.

  • Lashing of cargo on flatrack and open-top containers, typically used for oversized items.

  • Securing cargo on roll-on/roll-off ships and container ships, such as steel, steel pipes, pre-fabricated steel frames, and vehicles.

  • Lashing of cargo on various types of vehicles.

  • Lashing of cargo on wooden crates and pallets.

II. Comprehensive Standard Cargo Packaging Services for International Export

Cargo packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of goods during transportation from one location to another, protecting against damage from impact and shielding goods from direct environmental influences such as rain, sun, or humidity.

Cargo packaging can utilize various materials and methods depending on the specific nature of the goods and the standards required by the customer. Here are some common cargo packaging methods adhering to international export standards:

  • Packaging goods on wooden pallets.

  • Using sealed wooden crates for cargo packaging.

  • Wrapping goods with heat-shrink film.

  • Using aluminum foil for cargo packaging.

  • Encasing goods with tarpaulin.

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