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Latest procedures for importing microwave ovens in 2024

Microwave ovens are a popular and useful household thermoelectric device in today's life. With the increasing demand for microwave ovens, importing microwave ovens from different countries has become an important part of the consumer market in Vietnam. In this article, H-Cargo Logistics will provide detailed instructions on microwave oven import procedures, HS codes, import taxes, VAT, and microwave oven import policies so you can have an overview this progress.

import microwave ovens
(microwave ovens)

I. Microwave Import Policies

Before starting the import process, it's essential to understand the relevant policies and regulations regarding the import of microwaves. Microwaves fall under the specialized management of the Ministry of Science and Technology. According to Decision 2711/QD-BKHCN, microwaves are not listed in the prohibited import goods category. However, used microwaves may be subject to import restrictions. Additionally, the import process must adhere to quality inspection regulations outlined in Decision 3810/QD-BKHCN. Based on these regulations, the microwave import procedure can be summarized as follows:

  • Step 1 – Register quality inspection

  • Step 2 – Open customs declaration and complete customs procedures

  • Step 3 – Testing and certification according to QCVN 9:2012/BKHCN and QCVN4:2009/BKHCN

  • Step 4 – Declaration of microwave conformity

  • Step 5 – Affixing conformity labels (CR), other supplementary labels before the goods circulate in the market

II. HS Code for Microwaves and Import Taxes in 2024

Regular microwaves:

  • HS code for microwaves: 8516.50.00

  • Regular import tax: 25%

  • Import from China with FORM E: 5% import tax

  • Import from South Korea with FORM AK: 32% import tax

  • Import from Thailand, Malaysia, and other ASEAN countries with FORM D: 0% import tax

  • Value Added Tax (VAT): 10%

Combination microwaves:

  • HS code for combination microwaves: 8516.60.90

  • Regular import tax: 20%

  • Import from China with FORM E: 5% import tax

  • Import from South Korea with FORM AK: 24% import tax

  • Import from Thailand, Malaysia, and other ASEAN countries with FORM D: 0% import tax

  • Value Added Tax (VAT): 8%

III. Affixing Imported Goods Labels

Affixing labels to imported goods is a crucial regulation. It helps customs manage goods, determine origin, and identify responsible units for the products. Therefore, labeling goods is an indispensable step in the microwave import process.

To ensure accuracy and compliance, product labels must adhere to the "3M" rule:

  • Manufacturer information (Manufacturer)

  • Product name and information (Model)

  • Product origin (Made in)

These are basic and mandatory contents for product labels. The information on labels must be in English or other languages with accompanying translations.

Affixing labels on products is crucial, but placing them in the right position is also essential. During the import process, product labels must be affixed to various surfaces, including cartons, wooden crates, or product packaging. This is important for easy customs inspection and quick and accurate identification of goods during the import process. Properly affixing labels in the right position will save time and optimize the customs inspection process.

Failure to comply with labeling regulations may result in:

  • Penalties as specified in Article 22 of Decree 128/2020/NĐ-CP.

  • Ineligibility for special import tax benefits, as the certificate of origin may be rejected.

  • NRisk of loss or damage to goods due to the lack of warning labels during loading and transportation.

IV. Import Documentation Set for Microwaves

To conduct a legal import process, you need to prepare a complete and accurate set of documents. This documentation includes important papers to confirm your import. Here is a list of vital documents in the import documentation set:

  • Customs declaration form

  • Commercial invoice

  • Bill of lading

  • Packing list

  • Sales contract

  • Quality inspection registration dossier

  • Certificate of origin (C/O) if available

  • Catalog (if available)

V. Microwave Import Procedure

Here is an overview of the microwave import process. This procedure will help you understand the necessary steps to bring the product to Vietnam smoothly.

  • Step 1. Declare customs declaration

After obtaining the complete import documentation set from the exporter, the business proceeds to declare the customs declaration using the ECUS5/VNACC software.

  • Step 2. Open customs declaration

After completing the customs declaration, the customs system will return the results of the declaration flow. Depending on the flow, green, yellow, or red, the business will proceed to open the customs declaration at the corresponding customs office. To open the declaration, print the declaration and bring the import documentation set to the customs office.

Green flow: No document check, goods are cleared

Yellow flow: Document check for goods

Red flow: Document and physical goods check

  • Step 3. Clear goods through customs

After checking the documents, if there are no issues, customs officers will approve the documents, and the business proceeds to pay taxes. Once the taxes are paid, the batch will be customs cleared on the system.

  • Step 4: Bring goods to storage and use

After completing the above steps, you can bring the product to storage and use. Ensure that you comply with all regulations regarding storage and use of imported microwaves.

VI. Register Quality Inspection for Microwaves

Quality inspection is a crucial part of ensuring that your imported microwaves meet safety and quality standards. Here is the procedure for registering quality inspection for microwaves:

  • Step 1: Create an Account and Register Profile

Firstly, you need to create an account on the national quality inspection agency's website. Afterward, you register the profile of the microwave and schedule an inspection.

  • Step 2: Sampling and Quality Inspection

The inspection agency will conduct a quality inspection of the microwave by sampling the product and checking it against the specified standards. If the product meets the requirements, you will be issued a quality certificate.

  • Step 3: Receive Results and Upload Results to the National Single-Window Portal

After completing the quality inspection, you will receive the results. If the product meets the standards, you need to upload the results to the national single-window portal to confirm the import.

Note: The deadline for completing the dossier is within 15 days from the customs clearance date. Businesses must complete the quality inspection dossier and submit it to the registered quality inspection location.

Certificates of conformity according to QCVN 9:2012/BKHCN are valid for 3 years. In the case of the first imported batch, if the sample for testing does not meet the standard, it will be destroyed.

VII. Importing Microwave Considerations

When importing microwaves, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

Research Regulations: Always research and understand Vietnam's import regulations and policies before starting the import process.

  • Choose Reliable Manufacturers: Select manufacturers or suppliers with a good reputation to ensure product quality and compliance.

  • Quality Check: Ensure that you have checked the quality of the microwaves before importing to avoid issues later.

  • Monitor Legal Changes: Laws and regulations may change, so stay updated to ensure compliance with the latest legal requirements.

VIII. Reputable Import Procedure Service Providers

Currently, there are many companies operating in the field of importing and exporting goods internationally that you can choose from. However, not all companies are reliable. With many years of accumulated experience in this field, H-Cargo is confident in providing you with peace of mind and trust, along with the best-quality service:

  • Import and customs clearance procedures are conducted quickly and efficiently.

  • Full-service package from A to Z for microwave imports, ensuring you don't have to worry about any aspect.

  • Support in checking and processing export-import documents to ensure accuracy and compliance.

  • Professional and experienced consulting staff ready to assist you with any issues related to import and export.

  • We are committed to providing reasonable transportation service rates, ensuring competitiveness and savings for you.

With H-Cargo, we are not just business partners; we are reliable companions in your import journey

Contact info: H-CARGO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS  Head office: 36A Nguyen Gia Tri St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC, Vietnam Hotline: +84 283 5359 678 ​ Email:


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