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Export Procedure for Dragon Fruit to the Chinese Market

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

I. Chinese Fruit Market

  • Currently, China opens opportunities for fruit imports from 43 countries worldwide. Vietnam is approved to export 8 high-quality fruits to China, including dragon fruit, longan, watermelon, lychee, banana, rambutan, jackfruit, and mango.

  • According to China's Ministry of Commerce statistics in 2016, China's fresh fruit export reached USD 5.48 billion, a 6.3% increase, while imports were USD 5.84 billion, a 2.7% decrease. Key importers to China were Chile (304.7 thousand tons, USD 1.19 billion), Thailand (572.3 thousand tons, USD 1.11 billion), and Vietnam (1.09 million tons, USD 628.3 million).

  • Among these fruits, dragon fruit from Vietnam stands out with high consumption in the Chinese market. Today, H-Cargo provides information on the export procedures of Vietnamese dragon fruit to this market.

export dragon fruit
(Packing dragon fruit products for export)

II. Steps for Dragon Fruit Export to the Chinese Market

1. Negotiation and Signing of Export Contract

The dragon fruit export contract is an agreement between Vietnamese traders and the buyer in China. The seller can handle the export or assign another party to act on their behalf. The seller must be a business or economic organization, while the buyer can be a Chinese organization or individual with sufficient legal capacity.

The main content of the dragon fruit export contract includes:


  • Contract number

  • Contract signing location

  • Information of the seller and buyer: Name, address, phone number, fax number, email, authorized representative signing the contract

  • Definitions, terms

  • Contract signing location

  • Mutual agreements between the parties

Contract terms and conditions:

  • Details about the goods, including the name (dragon fruit), quality, quantity, and packaging. Exported dragon fruit quality can be determined by standards such as color, size, and absence of pests or diseases.

  • Financial conditions, including price, payment, and related payment documents.

  • Transportation conditions, including delivery time and location, delivery method, and transportation means.

  • Insurance and guarantees, including purchasing insurance, insurance conditions, and necessary insurance certificates.

  • Legal terms, including provisions on complaints, arbitration, and other cases.


  • Number of contract copies and retained copies for each party

  • Contract language: Vietnamese, Chinese, English. If the contract is in multiple languages, it should be clearly stated that these languages are legally equal, or specify which language is the main one for review in case of disputes.

Contract validity period

Provisions for contract modification and supplementation

2. Preparation of Exported Goods

Based on the agreement in the contract, Vietnamese businesses need to prepare the goods according to the agreed standards. Dragon fruit needs to be packaged in special cartons and classified into 3 types: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3, depending on color, size, and quality.


Beautiful color, large fruit,

Packed in special cartons with 32 - 36 fruits/carton,

Weights range from 10kg/carton, 20kg/carton, to 25kg/carton

Secured with red plastic straps on the outside.


Less vibrant color, smaller fruit compared to Type 1,

Packed in cartons with 36 - 50 fruits/carton, similar weights to Type 1 (10kg/carton, 20kg/carton, 25kg/carton)

Secured with green plastic straps on the outside.


Less vibrant color, smaller fruit compared to Type 2

Packed in cartons with 36 - 50 fruits/carton, weights ranging from 10kg/carton, 20kg/carton, to 25kg/carton

Secured with yellow plastic straps on the outside.

dragon fruit
(Dragon fruit for export)

3. Customs Export Procedures

3.1. HS Code for Dragon Fruit:

  • Dragon fruit HS code: 08109092.

  • Dragon fruit is not subject to export tax and does not incur VAT during the export process.

3.2. Customs Documentation Set:

Customs documentation for export procedures in Vietnam includes:

  • Sales contract

  • Packing list

  • Commercial invoice

  • Other related transaction documents.

Documents required by China:

  • Commercial invoice

  • Packing list

  • Fumigation certificate

  • Bill of lading

  • Phytosanitary certificate

  • Certificate of origin (C/O)

  • Health certificate

3.3. Dragon Fruit Inspection Registration:

According to regulations, for exported dragon fruit, businesses need to register plant inspection. The dragon fruit inspection registration procedure is similar to other types of crops and includes four main steps:

Step 1: Organization, business registration for dragon fruit inspection

Step 2: Dragon fruit inspection sampling

Step 3: Completion of dragon fruit inspection registration dossier

Step 4: Supplementing documents in case the dossier is missing. Receive the original plant inspection certificate if all required documents are complete.

Testing and inspection requirements for dragon fruit imported into the Chinese market:

  • Clear origin information for dragon fruit, including information on production and packaging locations.

  • Product packaging must clearly state the product name, place of production, and packaging facility name.

  • Exported dragon fruit must comply with the import license, not exceed the allowed quantity, and should not be accompanied by fruits not officially allowed for import.

  • Exported dragon fruit must not be accompanied by soil, branches, or leaves, and must be free of pests, weeds, or diseases.

  • Residual levels of plant protection substances and heavy metals must comply with safety standards specified by China.

  • The plant inspection certificate issued by the exporting country must provide information on container numbers, consignees, and signatories of the sales contract.

4. Payment and Contract Settlement:

Payment is the primary obligation of the buyer during the purchase process. The payment process will vary depending on the chosen method.

If payment is made through L/C, when receiving the document set sent by the seller, the L/C opening bank will check. In case the documents are in order, the bank will proceed with payment, notify the buyer, and invite the buyer to make payment to the bank.

III. List of Major Trade Fairs in China:

China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning, Guangxi (

  • International Import Expo in Shanghai

  • China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou

  • International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair in Chongqing

  • International Western Fair in Chengdu

  • International Food Fair in Beijing

  • China Agricultural Processing and Trade Fair in Hubei

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Conclusion: In this article, we have explored the export procedures for dragon fruit to the Chinese market. We hope this article provides valuable information for customers researching dragon fruit export procedures. If you have any questions, please contact us for free consultation.

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